Book a training

By mail or whatsapp you can sign up for a training. 
Please include the following information :

1. The name and starting date of the training you want to follow.
2. Your email address and phone number.
3. Your preferred method of payment, ‘Tikkie’, bank transfer or Paypal.
4. Any physical complaints or other relevant information.

After registration you will receive an email for confirmation, additional information and a request for payment.
Once the payment is made your registration is confirmed.

Book a personal training

You can request a personal training by email or whatsapp.
Please include the following information:

  1. The weekday and time you prefer.
    The training is given on Monday to Friday between 13:00 and 19:00.
  2. Which practice location you prefer.
    Outside in the park behind the Kunstmuseum, online or at the Kon. Emmakade 151.
  3. Which training program you prefer.
  4. How long and how often you want to do your training at home.
  5. Do you suffer from any psychological and/or physical complaints which might influence your practice.
  6. What personal goal you want to achieve by practicing Qigong.
  7. Any prior experience with Qigong, Tai Chi or other martial arts.

Call / Whatsapp

Karina Grijzen – den Oudsten #31 645425899


Company details

Ardite for conscious living
Qigong school Ardite :
Ardite practice for energy healing :
For conscious living the arts of healing, online magazine :

Adress : Kon. Emmakade 151, 2518 JK Den Haag
Telephone : #31 645425899
E-mail :
Bank : NL24TRIO0212119788 t.n.v. K. Grijzen-den Oudsten

KVK-number : 27299748
BTW : NL001722714B30

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