Centuries old

Enjoy the gentle flowing movements.
The energy, the Qi flows freely through your body.
Practice relaxation every day.
Invite joy, health and happiness into your life.
Experience peace and stillness of mind.
Open your heart and be who you are – in every moment.

Intentions to practice Qigong & Tai Chi:
To achieve a state of relaxation.
To achieve a new state of health.
To master the exercises.

The ancient Chinese masters stated,
after every 100 days of practice you reach a new state of mental and physical health,
after 1000 repetitions you master an exercise.

Qigong (tjiekong) and Tai Chi (taaitjie), are practised for over 5,000 years in China improving the health of body and mind. Qi is life force, the force that makes people grow and flowers bloom. Gong means moving. Moving Qi with the exercises of Qigong and Tai Chi ensure a supple, strong and healthy body and a peaceful mind. 


Practicing Qigong and Tai Chi prevents illness and aging of the body. At the same time, it creates balance psychologically. The philosophical basis of the training, Taoism and Buddhism, provides guidelines for a balanced life and self-cultivation. In short, a training that focuses on personal growth and healing. 

For the body

The meditative gentle movements open the meridians and allow Qi to flow freely. The enhanced Qi flow in the body strengthens the self-healing capacity of body and mind. Connecting with heaven and earth has a grounding and calming effect.

Daily practice prevents illness and helps the body recover from illness and injury. Emotional blockages are released and both body and mind become more supple. Emotions are less likely to take over, and the inner life becomes increasingly balanced. Daily practice gives relaxation, calmness, and clarity of thought.

For the mind

Qigong and Tai Chi are a way inwards. A way to develop self-awareness. To become increasingly clearer and release both physical- and emotional pain. A path of healing and personal growth. The path of individuation as Carl Jung would describe it.

A particularly beautiful effect, and at the same time the first step in spiritual training, is the opening of the heart. Letting go of the old hurts, heart stones, frees the heart. A free heart connects in love and compassion with our ’true self’, other people and mother earth.

Qigong vs Tai Chi

QigongTai Chi
basicsfollow up
at one spotmoving
groundingfull body coordination
alonealso with others
inwardsfrom inwards to outwards
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